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Fiber-Wireless Integrated Technologies, Systems and Networks

Paper Submission Deadline - EXTENDED 31th January 2015

Following on from the success of the first workshop on "Optical/wireless integrated technology for systems and networks" at ICC 2013 and the follow up workshop at ICC 2014 on "Fiber-Wireless Integrated Technologies and Networks", a third workshop is being organised at ICC215. The workshop is in collaboration with the emerging technical sub-committee “Integrated Fiber and Wireless Technologies (TSC-FiWi)” within ComSoc.

The scope of this workshop is to explore new trends that are emerging in combined optical fiber-wireless integrated technology for systems and networks. The support of high bandwidth and high mobility is central to the driving vision of the network of the future, but this cannot be at any cost. Increased pressure on the cost/bit, both in terms of the cost of infrastructure (CAPEX) as well as the cost of operations (OPEX), demands high levels of integration in the underlying networks. A large number of technologies will need to converge, co-exist and interoperate, and most importantly, cooperate, if this vision is to be efficiently and cost effectively realized. A key area within this next generation jigsaw is the interplay of optical fiber networks and radio networks, to enable scalable and manageable networks without a highly complex interface structure and multiple overlaid protocols.

It is expected that sessions will cover key trends including the integration of wireless standards into novel optical architectures in particular to support high bandwidth mobile backhauling, the support of the emerging distributed antenna standards and techniques for enabling dynamic capacity and mobility management in converged optical/wireless networks. A closing panel session involving invited speakers will explore the technical challenges they see in their specialist areas and explore the new trends that they envision emerging in the coming years.













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